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Dental Implants services offered in Arlington, VA
While saving a tooth is always ideal, dental implants are an excellent option to replace a missing tooth permanently. Dental implants look, feel, and work like regular teeth, completing your smile and restoring your bite. At William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S., the experts Bilal Chaudhry, D.D.S., and William Lessne, D.D.S., offer the community of Arlington, Virginia, the chance to smile with confidence again. To learn more about dental implants, call or book an appointment online today.
Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

A dental implant starts with a small titanium post. The post is inserted into the jawbone where a tooth is missing, and over time it fuses with the jawbone, creating a solid replacement root. From there, a crown, bridge, or dentures connect with the implant, restoring your smile. There are several different types of dental implants.

Single-Tooth Replacement

For patients with only a single missing tooth, your dentist installs a solitary implant that is tipped with a dental crown. Single-tooth replacements never decay or need a root canal.

Multi-Tooth Replacement

Using a dental bridge combined with dental crowns anchored by either a patient’s natural teeth or implants, a multi-tooth replacement restores a number of missing teeth in a row.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Offering a more secure option than traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are secured with strategically placed implants. These replace an entire arch of teeth.

Why should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients suffering from missing teeth. When you lose one or more of our permanent teeth due to damage or decay, you suffer from other complications, including trouble speaking and chewing. 

Installing dental implants improves more than just your smile. They also improve the overall health of your mouth. Living with a hole where a tooth is missing can cause further oral health issues, including shifting teeth and further decay. 

What should I expect from a dental implant procedure?

Every dental implant procedure begins with a consultation from your dentist. Evaluating your oral health, your candidacy for implants and X-rays of your mouth all encompass that initial visit.

Once you and your dentist determine the implant solution that suits your needs, you undergo implant surgery. Like all surgery, implant surgery is done under anesthesia. The process of installing implants involves two phases.

Phase 1

If you still have the tooth you’re replacing with an implant, your dentist first extracts it. Once removed, the implant is screwed into the jaw through an incision in the gums. Once your dentist inserts the implant, a second component is placed on the implant that stays in place throughout the healing process. 

Finally, your dentist closes the gums over the implant with stitches. For the next several months, the implant fuses with the jawbone.

Phase 2

In a follow-up surgery, your dentist forms another incision in the gums to expose the implant. Then they take an impression of your implant with a small extension. The dentist uses this impression to make a crown. They’ll then make further impressions to ensure the crown perfectly fits your mouth. Finally, you’ll receive your new crown. 

Dental implants are the best option for securely replacing missing teeth. If you’re seeking a permanent replacement for missing or damaged teeth, call or book an appointment online with William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S. to learn about dental implants today.