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Dentures services offered in Arlington, VA
When you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, dentures offer a second chance for a full smile and healthy bite. At William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S. in Arlington, Virginia, William Lessne, D.D.S., and Bilal Chaudhry, D.D.S., offer a full range of denture and dental implant solutions to restore your smile. If you’re looking to support a healthy jaw and smile, call or book an appointment online to discuss the best restorative solution for you.
Dentures Q & A

What are the types of dentures?

Dentures can replace all or some of your teeth. Complete dentures replace all of your teeth. Traditional types of complete dentures rest on your gums, but patients looking for more stability in their complete dentures may attach them to a dental implant. 

Partial dentures replace some, but not all, of your teeth. They attach to your natural teeth and sit on the gums where natural teeth are missing. Dental implants may be used with partial dentures as well. 

Can I eat normally with dentures?

The short answer is, yes, you can eat normally with dentures. Most patients require an adjustment period to acclimate to their new teeth and learn to use them properly. You should be able to eat normally once you adjust, but hard or sticky foods may require more time to get truly comfortable. 

Using a small amount of denture adhesive often helps denture patients as they adjust to their new teeth.

Are dentures painful?

Minor irritation may occur after your first fitting for dentures as you acclimate to your new dental appliance. If you need extractions before your dentures, the gums in that area might be especially sensitive. Regular visits to your dentist as you go through your healing process allow them to adjust your dentures' fit to ensure you’re comfortable.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth, improving your smile’s appearance and overall health. Dentures allow you to speak more clearly and chew properly. Missing teeth cause your facial muscles to sag, making you appear older. Dentures support your overall facial structure and retain the muscle tone in your face, jaw, and neck.

Do I brush dentures like regular teeth?

If possible, you should clean your dentures after each meal. You may just remove and rinse them, or you can brush the dentures using a special denture brush and rinse your mouth to clean out any debris. Do not use regular toothpaste on your dentures, as it’s too abrasive.

You should soak your dentures at night, so they don’t dry out, which causes them to warp. You may want to soak them using a denture cleaner or just water. 

If you still have some natural teeth, brushing your teeth is always recommended. 

Additionally, you should still brush your tongue and lightly brush your gums whether you have complete or partial dentures.

If you’re looking to restore the look and health of your mouth with dentures, visit the team at William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S. to discuss your options and treatment plan. Call or use the online booking tool to complete your smile today!