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Mouth Guards services offered in Arlington, VA
Taking great care of your smile means taking steps to protect your teeth and other oral tissues from harm. Mouth guards are an outstanding way to keep your smile healthy and happy, and are available from William Lessne, D.D.S., Bilal Chaudhry, D.D.S., and the team at William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S. in Arlington, Virginia. To find out if a mouth guard is a good fit for your needs, schedule a visit online or over the phone today. 
Mouth Guards Q & A

What are mouth guards?

A mouth guard is a removable dental device that creates a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth. They protect your teeth from damage caused by sudden force that could cause an impact between upper and lower teeth.

Mouth guards also protect the soft tissues in your mouth by creating a barrier between your teeth and tongue or cheeks. They can also protect your teeth from harm by an outside object like a ball or a physical blow.  

What kinds of mouth guards are available?

The team at William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S.s offers several different types of mouth guards to meet a wide range of needs.

Sports Guards

William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S.s offers multiple types of mouth guards. Sports guards are worn during athletic practice and play. They fit over your teeth in a way similar to whitening trays or Invisalign®, although they are significantly thicker to provide protection from impact. 

Night Guards

Night guards are also available, and are a great option if you grind or clench your teeth while asleep. You simply wear your night guard overnight then remove and rinse in the morning. 

Snore Guards

Snore guards, also called mandibular adjustment devices, create a subtle change in the way your jaw aligns, bringing your lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. These guards improve airflow during sleep, which can reduce or even eliminate snoring. Some nighttime devices also prevent your tongue from relaxing back toward your windpipe to reduce snoring. 

During your visit your dentist will discuss whether one of these options can help enhance your dental health. 

Are mouth guards comfortable to wear?

You can purchase over-the-counter mouth guards that are pre-molded, as well as options that require you to boil the guard for a period of time before biting down on it to alter its shape. At William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S.s you can have a custom mouth guard created that aligns with the exact contours of your teeth. 

A custom mouth guard is a far more comfortable option. While it can take some time to get used to the way it feels to wear your new mouth guard, before long you’ll hardly notice you are wearing the device. 

Wearing a sports guard or night guard is important to protect your teeth and other oral tissues from harm. Snore guards can help you get the rest you need to thrive. These benefits far outweigh the process of having a custom guard made and working it into your normal routines. 

When you’re ready for more information, call or click to set up a visit at William Lessne, D.D.S. & Bilal Chaudhry D.D.S.s.