Our patients reviews

Irina was gentle, as she cleaned my teeth, and she addressed all my questions, and was polite and responsive to my requests.

Linda M. | Jul 18, 2024
Saw me for toothache quickly, excellent advice and referral.

Judith M. | Jul 16, 2024
Irina was terrific as always

Michael M. | Jul 15, 2024
Great Dentist, would recommend and have been going for over 10 years.

Jeffrey A. | Jul 13, 2024
Professional as always

James H. | Jul 09, 2024
Meliza is always careful, thorough, and considerate

Michael C. | Jul 05, 2024
Extremely thorough, careful, considerate and kind. Always in great hands with Irina!

John U. | Jul 04, 2024
Irina is pleasant, thorough yet super efficient . I only schedule with her!

Wendy N. | Jul 03, 2024
Hygienist was friendly and efficient.

Mary T. | Jun 27, 2024
Exceptional hygenist!

Rovindra D. | Jun 27, 2024
Hygienist 2 is terrific. She has been taking good care of my teeth for many years. She does a thorough job while being gentle and is also very professional and thoughtful!

Marian G. | Jun 21, 2024
The best dental care in northern Virginia!!!

Carolina C. | Jun 20, 2024
Amazing team and doctor make you feel like cared for family members

William K. | Jun 18, 2024
Always caring and so very competent, friendly without being overly familiar -- that is, professional.

Marygrace T. | Jun 07, 2024
The concern for my comfort was expected since I've been using this dentistry office for two decades. However, the amazing fit of the temporary crown is so good and feels so normal, I forget I have a temporary. I'm sure the new crown will be even a better fit if that's possible. Each time I come. It seems the office has newer equipment and processes to alliviate pain and create perfect dentistry.

Ruth P. | Jun 07, 2024
Comfortable and well experieenced

Judy K. | Jun 05, 2024
Excellent Thanks !!

Michael A. | Jun 05, 2024
Dr. Chaudry is very gentle when he works, he explains things and I feel confident with him as my doctor. Also, his assistant is helpful and answers any questions I may have.

Nina P. | Jun 04, 2024
It was good. The office was busy, but I came prepared with a word find puzzle book to work on. Then Irina called me in, and I sat down; she asked for updates on medications and health, and I gave her both. Then she asked if there was anything that needed to be looked at, and I pointed out a tooth that had reacted badly to a harder than usual snack chip. Nothing broken, thankfully. My teeth are clean and bright. Thank you!

Sharon L. | Jun 01, 2024
Meliza is a wonderful hygienist that I've seen for many years. She is gentle yet thorough, professional and kind. Meliza obviously takes pride in her work and caring for her patients. Thank you!

Janna U. | May 30, 2024

Tibor W. | May 30, 2024
Great staff

Jim B. | May 30, 2024
I've been to a number of dentist offices in the area and I've never been treated so gently. No pain during cleaning, no bleeding gums, no bright light in the eyes - everyone is very kind, in addition to being knowledgable. Scheduling is a breeze, never had any issues with insurance being used. This place is great.

Cathryn K. | May 17, 2024
Irina is terrific! I'm also happy when I have her as my hygienist. She's the best.

Tara D. | May 16, 2024
Wow, where do I start... Gentle with needles, drilling, etc., informative and very calming. He made my filling experience relaxing and thats very hard yo accomplish!

Karen B. | May 13, 2024
Irini is excellent - patient and informative.

Tamara C. | May 05, 2024
Excellent service.

Gershon F. | May 01, 2024
Great, caring service as always.

Charles H. | Apr 25, 2024
Irina is so gentle and kind, and attentive too! I’ve been seeing her for many years now and have always had a great experience.

Magin U. | Apr 24, 2024
Irina is THE BEST!! She is professional, and my husband and I very much appreciate her thoroughness, competency and caring throughout the cleaning process.

Seetar P. | Apr 20, 2024
Very professional

Carolyn K. | Apr 19, 2024
Great experience!

Nikhil B. | Apr 18, 2024
Gentle but thorough and very pleasant to chat with!

Erin D. | Apr 08, 2024
Valencia was very professional and thorough. I felt very comfortable throughout the dental cleaning procedure.

Munsum S. | Apr 04, 2024
As always, it’s a pleasure to be seen by you. Thank you for your excellent care.

Maryann A. | Apr 04, 2024
Thorough and gentle, when it comes to teeth those criteria are most important.

Hong W. | Apr 03, 2024
Meliza is the best of the best!! There isn’t a better and more professional dental hygienist than Meliza!

Kristina S. | Mar 29, 2024
This dental practice should be the standard for all dental practices. From the medical point, exceptional. The staff- exceptional. The entire practice, no matter what the procedure, makes you comfortable from the minute you walk into the office till the minute you leave.

Vincent M. | Mar 29, 2024
Great experience here. they were able to see me on short notice and then able to fit me in for a follow up appointment the same day.

Zachary B. | Mar 28, 2024
Irena is the best. Jim Lyons

James L. | Mar 23, 2024
Today, 3-20-24, I returned to the practice of Dr. Chaudhry after a two year hiatus due to lack of insurance. I was greeted by hygienist Kimmie and Dr. Chaudhry who were genuinely thrilled to see me, gave me a thorough cleaning after ex-rays, and reset me on a path of dental hygiene. I could not be happier with the professional service I received.

Douglas H. | Mar 20, 2024

Ferenc P. | Mar 20, 2024
Thorough, courteous, caring.

Susan L. | Mar 20, 2024
Easy and quick

Amaranta C. | Mar 14, 2024
The hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and checking my teeth and gums over as always.

Susan L. | Mar 13, 2024
Irena was completely on time for the appointment. She always handles the treatment in a super professional manner, explains what's she's doing, and warns me when there might be some pain. It is always a pleasure to see her and know that I am having a thorough dental treatment.

Ann J. | Mar 12, 2024
5 stars for the whole staff

Judith M. | Mar 10, 2024
Irina is a very thorough and professional hygienist.

Mitchell S. | Mar 07, 2024
Great job and very courteous

Ping H. | Mar 07, 2024
Dentist and staff very professional and explained elements of process in patient's understanding. Office staff also very professional.

Phillip S. | Feb 29, 2024
Awesome! Very professional!

Christopher M. | Feb 26, 2024
I have had a great experience with Dr. Chaudhry. He helps me with my dental plan and answers all my questions thoroughly. He is technically very good, the work looks good and is done pain free. I would recommend him to anyone.

Thomas N. | Feb 24, 2024
Cleaning was quick, and painless.

John H. | Feb 23, 2024
Hygienist and doctor were both very friendly and took the time to explain what was covered in my visit.

Joseph C. | Feb 22, 2024
Have been a patient of Dr Lessne for 30+ years. He has stayed current with dental treatments and practice. His knowledge, patience, and kindness has kept our family loyal! All of the hygienists are great, but I’m a personal fan of Irina! I highly recommend this outstanding practice.

Kaye H. | Feb 09, 2024
I highly recommend Dr. Lessne and his staff. I've been going there for many years! Excellent care!

Lynne A. | Feb 04, 2024
The care I received was really thoughtful and thorough, this is clearly an office that cares about your longterm dental health! Thanks to the team for being so wonderful during my visit.

Grace T. | Jan 25, 2024
The practice of Drs Lessne & Chaudry is excellent. The doctors and staff are thoroughly professional and kind. They know what they’re doing, and listen to all their patients concerns.

Peter M. | Jan 18, 2024
Very Courteous and professional

Mohammad H. | Jan 10, 2024
Always excellent, kind and efficient care. I recommend Dr. Lessne highly.

Fritz B. | Jan 05, 2024
One of the best dentists in Arlington… I have been with them for years. I live in Maryland but I still come to Arlington.

Ronald S. | Dec 28, 2023
I’ve been coming here for over 7 years and have always had a great experience!!

Margaret R. | Dec 27, 2023
My wife and I continue to receive, as we have for many years, courteous, caring and professional service and treatment from this outstanding staff; including the administrative staff, hygienists, and Dentist.

Frank A. | Dec 23, 2023
Excellent dental care!

Rovindra D. | Dec 15, 2023
Quick, easy and professional service

Kevin K. | Dec 12, 2023
Good teeth-cleaning. Thank you

Nancy W. | Dec 11, 2023
The best! Always great to see Dr. Lessne and my hygienist.

Deborah O. | Dec 10, 2023
As usual, I am extremely happy with my visit with the Hygienist. She is professional yet friendly, answers any questions.

Lynne A. | Dec 09, 2023
Most of it was with his assistant. Always cordial and pleasant.

Dolores W. | Nov 28, 2023
Hygienist was kind and considerate and the doctor was excellent, as always

Lisa K. | Nov 22, 2023
Friendly, concerned and very professional.

Emily H. | Nov 17, 2023
Irina is the ONLY hygienist I will see! She is absolutely wonderful, extremely thorough yet incredibly gentle in her teeth cleaning. I always make sure Irina will be my hygienist when I schedule my appointments!

Jennifer P. | Nov 17, 2023
Great experience. Friendly, efficient and professional hygenist. Highly recommended.

John M. | Nov 15, 2023
The staff are wonderful and do a great job!

Maureen D. | Nov 15, 2023
Great job cleaning and checking my teeth.

Paul J. | Nov 15, 2023
Had a great experience! As a new patient, the pre-appointment communication was great. Valencia was an excellent hygenist...loved her! I haven't had a history of needing dental work, but needed a filling. Dr. Chaudhry and his assistant, Randall, were fantastic and made the experience as simple and comfortable as possible. Would absolutely recommend Dr. Chaudhry and his team to anyone looking for a recommendation.

Gillyn C. | Nov 11, 2023
This is a very professional practice with a knowledgeable and caring staff in every respect. My hygienist was careful and efficient; she did a thorough job while ensuring I was comfortable and informed about her care. Dr. Chaudhry is very kind and knowledgeable. He explained my X-rays and his findings in detail and answered all my questions. He does excellent work. The front office is friendly and helpful in scheduling and other details. This is an outstanding practice.

Joyce P. | Nov 08, 2023
Careful, thorough cleaning. Professional in every way. I used to dread going to the dentist. Now I walk in with a bounce in my step, knowing that whatever comes up, I will receive the best care.

Peter G. | Nov 06, 2023
Great. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions.

Yvonna J. | Nov 05, 2023
Highly cordial environment!!

Naimat M. | Nov 05, 2023

Wendell B. | Nov 04, 2023
As always, Dr. Lessne and his assistants are fantastic: so knowledgeable , friendly, reassuring. Dr. Lessne's diagnosis is always right. And again, I cannot stress enough how well maintained, super clean, and comfortable. I have been his patient for more than 20 years.

Dzeilana P. | Nov 04, 2023
Very little waiting, things have been pretty smooth for the last couple years.

James B. | Nov 03, 2023
Did not have to wait long in waiting room. Staff was friendly and thorough

MaryAnn H. | Nov 03, 2023

Ben W. | Nov 01, 2023
She was quite thorough and did not cause a great deal of pain.

William D. | Oct 31, 2023
Dr Lessne and staff are top notch and caring. Excellent!

Virginia H. | Oct 31, 2023
I received very satisfactory treatment with a personal touch.

Deborah L. | Oct 26, 2023
great, patient was very satisfied

Zoe L. | Oct 26, 2023
Wonderful experience!

James M. | Oct 24, 2023
Irina isi a great hygenist!

Michael K. | Oct 24, 2023
Very much appreciate the thoroughness and attention to detail. Overall a very pleasant visit

Elliott M. | Oct 20, 2023
Great visit! I always enjoy my visits with Dr Lessne. He explains everything that is important and is very positive. I would definitely recommend him to friends. Keith Reynolds

Keith R. | Oct 17, 2023
Irina is the best!

Elisabetta Y. | Oct 17, 2023
My chipped tooth was repaired

Erin B. | Oct 14, 2023
Friendly and fast but thorough. I feel like they know me even though I’m only there two times per year.

Shelley T. | Oct 12, 2023
Great dentist and staff. Thank you for your care and professionalism!

Judith C. | Oct 12, 2023

Katherine G. | Oct 12, 2023
Very satisfied with visit. Hygienist (Irene) was very thorough and careful. Doctor’s examine carefully assessed previous treatment and present conditions and assuring. I especially like the overall personal nature of the people.

G. T. | Oct 11, 2023
Everything was great

Brad K. | Oct 06, 2023
Dr. Chaudry worked with me to find a solution for a crown that kept falling off. I think he's done it!

Cheryl B. | Oct 06, 2023
I have been a patient of Dr. Lessne for over 25 years. He and his staff are top notch.

Margaret D. | Oct 05, 2023

Meredith L. | Oct 05, 2023
Great job!

Maria Jane V. | Oct 05, 2023
Perhaps the best dentist I have ever worked with creating a care plan.

Joshua P. | Oct 05, 2023
Very grate visit and checkup looking forward to next appointment.

Joseph P. | Oct 03, 2023
Dr. Chaudhry and technical staff did an excellent job prepping my cracked tooth, creating a temporary crown and installing a new permanent crown.

Dennis C. | Sep 30, 2023
Very thorough explanations and took time with me as a new patient. He was great!

Denise M. | Sep 29, 2023
Want her every time!

Lida K. | Sep 29, 2023
The Staff are always knowledgeable and caring.

Charles H. | Sep 29, 2023
Irina is always conscientious and professional —and warm. Excellent hygienist!

Kathleen W. | Sep 29, 2023
I’ve been a patient of both Dr. Lessne and Dr. Chaudhry. Both dentists are very kind and extremely professional. They explain everything thoroughly before and during any dental procedures. Their staff is excellent as well. I have already recommended them to friends living in the area. Thank you!

Elizabeth B. | Sep 27, 2023
On time, thorough, pleasant, excellent care without undue push for extraneous procedures.

Laura H. | Sep 21, 2023

William S. | Sep 19, 2023
Hygienist 4 was very thorough in cleaning my teeth. It was a very pleasant experience!

Douglas C. | Sep 19, 2023
Great experience- Dr. Chaudry is very professional and knowledgeable.

Karen B. | Sep 15, 2023
Very professional. I was well satisfied.

James L. | Sep 14, 2023
Kind, gentle, swift and no nonsense. Just like I like it.

Sylvia O. | Sep 14, 2023
These Pros can diagnose oral diseases too

Robert A. | Sep 14, 2023
She is great and the reason I comeback year after year!

Philip F. | Sep 13, 2023
Dr Chaudhry and his assistant were both great!

Lydie S. | Sep 13, 2023
Always great.

Michael B. | Sep 08, 2023
Always pleasant and professional, and understanding when I’m late.

Thomas W. | Sep 08, 2023
Dr. Chaudhry is the best! My retainer wire broke the Thursday before labor day weekend and he and his office were able to squeeze me in the very next day and re-attach it in less than 15 minutes! He does great work and is the nicest guy.

Eric L. | Sep 07, 2023
Ah, crown fell off, but the procedure to reattach was surprisingly involved, nevertheless expeditious.

Patrick C. | Sep 06, 2023
Very skilled and friendly.

Nathan B. | Sep 06, 2023
Irina is thorough, professional, and helpful.

Kevin C. | Sep 05, 2023
I love my hygienist. She is so warm and friendly and makes my teeth look like a million bucks. I love coming to the friendly atmosphere at Dr. Dan Cassidy's office and his impeccable office staff who make it a pleasure to go to the dentist.

David I. | Sep 01, 2023
As always, Dr. Lessne and his assistant Kimi provided the support and expertise I needed in addressing 2 dental concerns. I'm always grateful and appreciative that Dr. Lessne's practice is such a wonderful resource with caring and capable people.

Lynne A. | Sep 01, 2023
Dr. Chaudhry and his team take good care of me.

Cheryl B. | Aug 31, 2023
Very friendly staff, painless service which is important for me and my teeth feel better. They take time to explain what they are doing and are very caring.

Michele C. | Aug 31, 2023
Exceptional advise and treatment.

Vincent M. | Aug 31, 2023
I’ve been going to Dr. Lessne for 20 years or more. His office is well run, and his staff is pleasant and knowledgable. The hygienists are friendly and efficient.

Miriam M. | Aug 30, 2023
Best dentist I have ever had and the staff is top shelf

Michael W. | Aug 29, 2023
My hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and relaying to Dr. Lessne any concerns she observed or I mentioned to her. She did the cleaning in a thorough, but gentle manner, often inquiring to make sure that I was doing all right.

Susan L. | Aug 29, 2023
This dental practice is outstanding. The administrative staff is first rate and responsive. I called this morning with tooth pain and got an early afternoon appointment. When the diagnosis was a root canal, they called and got an appointment for me the same day with a specialist. The dentists are thoughtful , experienced and never rushed. The assistants are also top notch in how well they communicate and provide support to the patients and doctors.

Angela K. | Aug 29, 2023
Great visit! Dr. Lessne is an amazing dentist!!!

Dagmar H. | Aug 28, 2023
All good. Great and thorough cleaning. On time as well!

Richard S. | Aug 25, 2023
Very gentle and a good listener

Katie D. | Aug 25, 2023
I have been going to Dr. Lessne and his associates for 30+ years and have always had a good experience

Hennie D. | Aug 25, 2023
Thank you

Jessica C. | Aug 24, 2023
This team is far and away my favorite dentist practice I’ve ever been to. Love the dentist and technicians, and the front desk people are always super helpful and friendly!

Bradley W. | Aug 24, 2023
All my visit has been great and I feel so relax.

Arlene K. | Aug 21, 2023
Very professional and friendly!

Michelle R. | Aug 17, 2023
Careful, considerate, thorough!

Toni B. | Aug 16, 2023
I have been a client/customer since 2007. Scheduling is easy and staff is very friendly. Professional staff and Dentist are proactive on their clients oral care.

Richard B. | Aug 10, 2023
Pleasant Valley

Janice H. | Aug 10, 2023
Very positive experience and efficient

Janet V. | Aug 10, 2023
Kind, supportive care with clarity about every step needed and taken.

Ruth P. | Aug 10, 2023
Very profesional, confortable and friendly

Lubin R. | Aug 06, 2023
She was very nice and gentle when working on my teeth.

Robin C. | Aug 06, 2023
My hygienist did wonderful work on my teeth. I appreciate the consummate skill she brings to her job. My teeth left the office feeling much better than when they came in.

Guy M. | Aug 05, 2023
I’m always handled with care and concern. The office staff is friendly and professional and Dr. Lessene is always affirming.

Mignon K. | Aug 04, 2023
Very profession dental practice!

Steve P. | Aug 02, 2023
Professional and very helpful. Solved a dental problem on short notice.

Steve P. | Aug 02, 2023
Got me in quick for an emergency visit!

Barbara C. | Jul 31, 2023
She was very pleasant!

Karen W. | Jul 29, 2023
Can everyone agree that going to the dentist is a not a thing you crave to do? Well go have your mind blown by Dr. C and his amazing staff. I've never NOT been terrified UNTIL I saw him. He actually cares about his patients as does his staff. 12 out of 10 (The woman with the pride vans)

Jennifer A. | Jul 27, 2023

Jan R. | Jul 26, 2023
Gentle, kind, thorough, good vibes.

Eric Y. | Jul 26, 2023
I had an implant and the communication before and during the procedure was very clear. It was surprisingly quick.

Sharon W. | Jul 26, 2023
Dr. Chaudry is caring, kind and interested in his patients. The dental hygienist is very careful and thorough. I am very thankful for finding this excellent practice.

Sara P. | Jul 25, 2023
Excellent. Highly recommend.

Ronald W. | Jul 20, 2023
Had a tooth issue and Dr. Lessne got me into his schedule right away.

Mary D. | Jul 19, 2023
Luv, luv, luv the doctors and staff at Arlington Smikes. Very orifessional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, cheerful and just overall great service. They take excellent care of my teeth and gums! I'm very happy with them and will be here for years to come.

Karen B. | Jul 17, 2023

John M. | Jul 09, 2023
Dr Chaudhry very professional and caring of his patients

Irma M. | Jul 07, 2023
Dedicated, kind and knowledgeable staff

Marie M. | Jul 06, 2023

Anthony P. | Jul 05, 2023
Thorough teeth cleaning

Richard K. | Jul 04, 2023
Great job, as always.

Craig P. | Jul 01, 2023
Good job except for difficulty setting up appt. English problems.

Patrick C. | Jun 30, 2023
Great response to an emergency need, they fit me in and took care of the problem. In addition I like the transparency regarding the cost of the procedure. Very pleasant and friendly staff.

Alcy F. | Jun 29, 2023
Irina is wonderful. Thanks for asking

Patricia S. | Jun 28, 2023
Good cleaning, friendly, thorough. Would recommend.

Jeffrey A. | Jun 27, 2023
As a long time, patient of Dr. Lessne, I can attest to his professionalism and deep caring for a patient. Also, his staff from the technicians to the office are all top notch human beings who really care about their patients. I do not understand a bad review given to this office, unless they have dealt with people that I have never met.

Mark F. | Jun 23, 2023
Thank you!

Toni K. | Jun 23, 2023
Very good service

Ximei Z. | Jun 21, 2023
I had two fillings today and I am “that patient” who is nervous, anxious and terrified. Dr Chaudhry and his assistant were so gentle and made me feel so calm. He filled one of the cavities without any numbing! I didn’t feel a thing today!

Paulette F. | Jun 19, 2023
Great experience! Referred my girlfriend!

Gabriel K. | Jun 14, 2023
Everyone very nice, professional, made me feel comfortable. So happy to have such a really capable and nice people to serve as my dental professionals.

Kathryn Y. | Jun 12, 2023
Fantastic! Billion dollar treatment!

Ruth M. | Jun 07, 2023
Great practice. Highly recommend Dr. Chaudhry!

Timothy O. | Jun 07, 2023
I love everyone that works in this office

Lorraine O. | Jun 06, 2023
Love how organize the clinic! Love Liza! She’s amazing ❤️

Ana Liza R. | Jun 06, 2023
Efficient, affordable, and what I desired

Taylor S. | Jun 02, 2023
Top notch - as usual

David D. | May 31, 2023
Was a great cleaning and the hygienist explained the process and next steps throughout my visit. Very professional!

John P. | May 31, 2023
Dr Lessne and his team have been my dental care providers for more than 30 years. I highly recommend this practice.

Lisa D. | May 30, 2023
Very good as always!!

Pat S. | May 29, 2023
Friendly and supportive.

Mignon K. | May 27, 2023
Very kind and professional. Excellent experience

Matthew C. | May 27, 2023
Gentle and polite.

Melissa I. | May 25, 2023
Excellent cleaning and friendly care.

Nancy B. | May 24, 2023
The best practice and I like ok forward to going there!

Johanna B. | May 24, 2023
I enjoy seeing and visiting her. Always good to see Dr. Lessne.

Deborah O. | May 24, 2023
Thanks for your help with my broken tooth. I was able to arrange an appointment with the oral surgeon and have the implant in place. Will schedule an appointment in late August or early September to place the crown.

Jeffrey K. | May 24, 2023
Dr Chaudhry and his assistant Randolf did an amazing job preparing me for an implant and a crown. When the temporary crown broke a few days later, they saw me immediately, reassured me about the issue, and fixed it perfectly. I appreciate their informative and patient centered approach and feel I get really excellent care.

Alcy F. | May 23, 2023
You guys are superb. You take me in on o time, and assess thr state of my process of eating. Your staff member was outstanding, Listening very carefully all of the time.-I have great confidence in what you rereccomend.

Stephan T. | May 22, 2023
Always excellent

Ellen S. | May 22, 2023
Friendly staff. Gentle and through cleaning.

Kathleen P. | May 19, 2023
great as always

Gwen D. | May 18, 2023
Great staff

Melissa R. | May 11, 2023
Everyone was friendly and explained everything to me.

Rochelle F. | May 09, 2023
I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Bilal Chaudhry doing my dental visit.

Willie Jr C. | May 08, 2023
So gentle and patient. She’s wonderful!

Christine W. | May 06, 2023

Kapinga T. | May 05, 2023
Quick, pleasant conversation and professional cleaning, all-in-all an excellent experience

Frank B. | May 05, 2023
Outstanding as always! Kimmie needs a raise…she’s terrific!

Richard II N. | May 04, 2023
Great as usual

Michael I. | May 04, 2023

Ellen T. | May 03, 2023
Careful and thorough

Jordan G. | May 02, 2023
Excellent hygienist. Made experience pleasant.

Debra B. | Apr 21, 2023
Always good doctor, dental and hygienic visits.

Dolores W. | Apr 21, 2023
Very thorough and attentive dental experience.

Thomas F. | Apr 18, 2023
Very professional outstanding in all respects.

Alfred B. | Apr 13, 2023
Excellent. Caring. Explains procedure well.

Michael M. | Apr 10, 2023
Great experience! My teeth have never been so clean!

Gregory J. | Apr 10, 2023
I always receive excellent care!

Linda S. | Apr 08, 2023
Very friendly, professional, and experienced staff. I have anxiety with dental visits and they are very supportive and helpful.

Melissa R. | Apr 07, 2023
Great visit, as always! Wondeful care, and smiles all around!

Ken C. | Apr 06, 2023
timely and professional

Jon A. | Apr 05, 2023
Very gentle and seems to care a lot about doing her job well.

Tamara C. | Apr 05, 2023
I have had the same hygienist for many years and am very pleased with her. She is fast and gentle but does an excellent job cleaning my teeth.

Christine H. | Apr 05, 2023
Outstanding, as always.

Charles H. | Apr 03, 2023
I received excellent care from a very professional and well-trained Team. The Staff are very friendly and always strive to assist in making all necessary appointments. I came in on emergency at this visit and was especially grateful that I could be accommodated and receive such quality attention and care.

Evelyn Z. | Mar 31, 2023
I’ve seen Dr. Lessne for approximately 20 years and it has always been a great experience. I never feel pushed to do any dental work. It is often let’s wait and see so once a procedure is recommended, I feel it is the right time.

Laura B. | Mar 31, 2023
Wonderful visit today! I would absolutely recommend this practice.

Katherine G. | Mar 31, 2023

Karen C. | Mar 29, 2023
Great experience!

Suellen G. | Mar 29, 2023
Arrived late due to traffic was seen had a grate visit all is good will be back in 6 Mounths excellent services.

Joseph P. | Mar 28, 2023
Top notch and amiable.

Robert S. | Mar 28, 2023
Irina is great!

Stacy Z. | Mar 28, 2023
Explained procedures in details.

Yuming Z. | Mar 25, 2023
Quiet, professional, quick, kindly and informative and with a respectful partnership.

Ruth P. | Mar 25, 2023
Great service with caring, friendly staff.

Ann Margaret C. | Mar 24, 2023
Always efficient and patient focused

Anne W. | Mar 24, 2023
Every thing was perfect

Brad K. | Mar 24, 2023
Very professional, friendly, efficient and gentle. She explains what she is doing and asks questions when needed. I enjoyed the experience.

Cathy B. | Mar 23, 2023
Highly recommended.

Kenneth C. | Mar 23, 2023

Terri D. | Mar 23, 2023
Fast - in and out

Karl E. | Mar 22, 2023
Dr Lessne and his staff were efficient professionals as well as kind, caring, and helpful as always. If I ever move away from this area, I might have to come back just for my dental care with them, as long as the practice is in business!

Susan L. | Mar 18, 2023
Fantastic as always!

Kelly S. | Mar 16, 2023
Good, efficient cleaning.

Ernest L. | Mar 16, 2023

Keith W. | Mar 11, 2023
Great group of people! Highly recommend them.

Brendan H. | Mar 10, 2023
Very pleasant and I felt that I got good service.

Mitchell S. | Mar 09, 2023

Michael M. | Mar 08, 2023
Dr Lessne saw me and then contacted dental specialists on my behalf to arrange for emergency services that were needed

Stuart C. | Mar 08, 2023
My family has been with this practice for over 20 years, and the high quality customer care, professional and highly competent dental service, and genuinely friendly staff are the reasons why we keep coming back (we even LOOK FORWARD to going to the dentist)!

Edward P. | Mar 08, 2023
My tooth extraction was easy and pain-free. Dr Chaudhry and the young man who assisted him did a great job and made me comfortable every step of the way. Extremely professional and caring. I highly recommend this practice.

Charles B. | Mar 02, 2023
Great dental care experience. Painless.

Michael S. | Feb 24, 2023
The hygienist was wonderful! I mentioned I was nervous and have a low tolerance for pain, she said she would be gentle, and she was true to her word.

Kevin K. | Feb 22, 2023
Irina was great as usual - efficient, respectful, and totally professional.

Kevin C. | Feb 21, 2023
On time, professional and thorough

Meganne A. | Feb 16, 2023
Helpful, honest discussions and suggestions

David W. | Feb 16, 2023
Excellent as always!

Shaun B. | Feb 16, 2023
Great service, not painful, teeth feel fresh and clean!

Sarah S. | Feb 16, 2023
The hygienist was thorough, efficient, and caring. Dr. Lessne was also, as always. Both were especially caring about a problem I have been experiencing and I received a referral to an endodontist right away so we can get it cleared up. I was very pleased with my visit, which is my usual experience, so not surprising!

Susan L. | Feb 15, 2023
Very professional and thorough.

Katherine S. | Feb 13, 2023
Professional, courteous, everything one needs.

Peter K. | Feb 09, 2023
I have been a patient of this practice for over 12 years. I get the best care from Dr Lessne and his staff. Dr Lessne is a great dentist, very professional and friendly. Always takes the time to listen to my concerns. His front office staff is wonderful. The hygienists that have worked on me have been gentle but very thorough, always give me a great cleaning. I recommend this practice to anyone that needs a great dentist.

Susan B. | Feb 08, 2023
Dr Lessne as always did all the right things to help fix several major problems over the last few months. He is gentle, compassionate, brilliant at his treatment- after all my years of seeing him, he is a friend. Dr Lessne’s assistant Kimie (sp?) is also terrific. They both constantly inform me of what they are doing, how much longer it will take, question if I am in any pain. Cannot imagine any dentist i could appreciate more.

Suellen T. | Feb 08, 2023
Very friendly and responsive! Love the quality of service.

Selena W. | Feb 08, 2023
Fantastic. The hygienist was very gentle and thorough. Did a great job.

Catherine E. | Feb 02, 2023
Soothing and professional care. Highly recommended!

Dennis W. | Feb 01, 2023

Bryan J. | Feb 01, 2023
Pleasant and efficient.

Ronald B. | Jan 30, 2023
Everyone was friendly & attentive

Barbara L. | Jan 29, 2023
Never had any issues, always treats me respectfully while answering any questions I have.

Sophia L. | Jan 19, 2023
Wonderful team at this practice!

Mary Ellen D. | Jan 19, 2023
Thorough and attentive service

Mary G. | Jan 18, 2023
You are kind and thoughtful.

Robin J. | Jan 17, 2023
Highly efficient and professional practice and staff.

Lowell J. | Jan 13, 2023
Dr Chaudry is kind and interested in his patients. The hygienist is thorough and careful. I feel very well cared for in this practice. The receptionists are friendly.

Sara P. | Jan 12, 2023
As always, staff was friendly and welcoming. Hygienist was caring and did an excellent job with xrays and cleaning. Dr. Lessne provides excellent care and I appreciate his approach to my individual dental needs. Highly recommend!

Adrienne W. | Jan 11, 2023
This was my first visit. I found everyone to be very friendly, informative, and very thorough. Irena, my hygienist was gentle, and provided complete care and full explanations. Dr. Chaudhry, was very friendly, thorough in his exam and review of my X-rays with comprehensive explanations to all my questions.

John D. | Jan 11, 2023
Very good

Thomas P. | Jan 07, 2023
Good communication. Good job.

Yuming Z. | Jan 06, 2023
very responsive to emergency

Martha T. | Jan 04, 2023
Helpful in getting implant done in a timely manner

Martha T. | Jan 04, 2023
Dr. Chaudhry and his staff offer friendly and professional care.

Elizabeth B. | Jan 04, 2023
I always have such a pleasant experience at Arlington Smiles. Dr. Chaudhry and his team are kind, non-judgemental, and gentle on your teeth! I used to dread going to the dentist and I don’t mind going anymore. When I first came in after ~3 years of avoiding the dentist, I found out I had 10 cavities. I never felt judged by the dental team and they took care of me so well! During the cavity filling appointments they were so gentle, efficient, and set me up well to take better care of my teeth moving forward. I’ve been going here for a year and a half now and I have never had a bad experience. I couldn’t recommend this practice enough!

Lila D. | Jan 03, 2023
She was very friendly, professional and thorough.

Barbara B. | Dec 31, 2022
I just had my first cleaning and other dental work with Dr. Chaudhry and I have been very impressed. He is a great dentist with very friendly and professional staff. He made sure I understood what treatment plans I need

Kishorraju B. | Dec 30, 2022
Always great! thanks.

Judith W. | Dec 20, 2022
Dr Lessne uses the most advanced technology, which gives the best results for patient comfort. Coupled with his.exceptional skill, this is the best dental care I have ever received.

Susan L. | Dec 16, 2022

Robert Vance P. | Dec 15, 2022
Great! Thx!

Ed C. | Dec 14, 2022
As always I was able to get seen quickly with my problem. We made a plan for a quick solution and further care in 3 days to follow up. I can’t thank the staff enough for all the many years of excellent care.

Maryann A. | Dec 14, 2022
Over aggressive flossing and put way more effort into cleaning my bottom teeth than my top teeth for some reason. Still left feeling minty fresh and with a fluoride varnish tho!

Anna R. | Dec 14, 2022
Dr Lessne is great, Dental Hygenist was nice but rough.

Marybeth D. | Dec 09, 2022
I experienced care & attention to detail today.

Robert A. | Dec 09, 2022
Quick, friendly and great engagement

Ulrike R. | Dec 08, 2022
Excellent service

Gerard S. | Dec 08, 2022
loved the new bite guard technology

Rebecca L. | Dec 07, 2022
Great service, as always:)

Ariadna B. | Dec 07, 2022
Very nice.

James B. | Dec 06, 2022
Excellent analysis of my teeth, gums, etc. excellent cleaning. Everyone very professional as well as friendly. Happy to have been a patient for about 15 years.

Kathryn Y. | Dec 06, 2022
Great dental practice!

Elaine B. | Dec 02, 2022
Melissa is the most amazing hygienist—professional, thorough, gentle, and compassionate.

Katherine C. | Dec 01, 2022
Job well done. Good communication and explaining.

Yuming Z. | Dec 01, 2022
Very accommodating and efficient.

Bernadette B. | Nov 19, 2022

John K. | Nov 18, 2022
Comfortable, thorough cleaning. Very friendly

Matthew C. | Nov 17, 2022
Very thorough.

Rovindra D. | Nov 16, 2022
Professional and friendly.

Kevin B. | Nov 16, 2022

Charles B. | Nov 11, 2022
Fascinating visit as new technology was employed on my broken tooth. Even the new numbing process worked better than the old technique.

Guy M. | Nov 10, 2022
Irina is very cheerful and does an excellent job. I'm always glad to see her.

Kathleen W. | Nov 10, 2022
Best professional group of individuals! I especially love Irina and Dr. Chai's hey!!

Johanna B. | Nov 09, 2022
Great staff. Always on time.

Peter O. | Nov 08, 2022
Dr Chaudhry is a kind and patient dentist. He explains things thoroughly and asks for feedback too.

Eleanor M. | Nov 05, 2022
Great care. Quick yet thorough.

Nathan T. | Nov 04, 2022
Best as always, Thank you

Kapinga T. | Nov 03, 2022
Efficient, thorough and very friendly.

Sharon K. | Nov 01, 2022
Hygienist # 4 it wonderful! Friendly and very professional! Apréciate very much!

Neery D. | Oct 28, 2022
It's a great team and they all take good care of you. I felt appreciated as a patient.

Marshall G. | Oct 26, 2022
Dr Lessne and Kimmy listened well and explained thoroughly. Very happy with my visit.

Robin J. | Oct 26, 2022
Irena is THE BEST! Always super thorough yet gentle.

Jennifer P. | Oct 26, 2022
Experience was very positive

Karl Ann H. | Oct 25, 2022
Dr. Chaudhry and his staff are considerate and extremely thorough. They listen to and and respond to any concerns I may have with appropriate action and informed explanation to back up procedures they are using to address my rather complex dental problems. From a very grateful customer!

Karen S. | Oct 25, 2022
Irina has always done a wonderful job!

Ann K. | Oct 20, 2022
Irina is the best. Great experience, thanks.

Theresa M. | Oct 20, 2022
Thank you!

Alyssa W. | Oct 14, 2022
Quick visit, thorough cleaning, and prompt scheduling. Kept me informed of treatment and costs.

Gary T. | Oct 14, 2022

Anthony F. | Oct 14, 2022
Efficient, quick, thorough - and nice.

Ann G. | Oct 12, 2022
Great. Very thorough and knowledgable.

Yvonna J. | Oct 12, 2022
Very nice

Randy S. | Oct 11, 2022
I need you to change the email address for this client. I am not one of your patients. john grim

John G. | Oct 11, 2022
Very professional. They are always on time and do a great job. Our family has been Client’s for 22 years and always happy with their services.

Catherine P. | Oct 10, 2022
I had a great experience!!!

Jason B. | Oct 10, 2022
I was in the clinic for dental X ray.

Yuming Z. | Oct 07, 2022
My technician was very professional and diligent

Paul G. | Oct 06, 2022
Great staff, very courteous and professional.

Robert H. | Oct 06, 2022
Irina is comprehensive in her cleaning and brings anything of concern to the attention of the dentist.

Dorothy M. | Oct 04, 2022
Irina was very patient and very good. I hope to have her again in 6 months.

Paul K. | Oct 04, 2022
Nice and quick fix. Easy to schedule

John F. | Sep 29, 2022
Always satisfied.

Christine H. | Sep 29, 2022
Love Dr Lessne and Irina! Kind, thoughtful and positive. Irina is gentle and thorough and Dr Lessne Is the best.

Elisabetta Y. | Sep 27, 2022
Thorough efficient and fast. Great communications.

Sandra H. | Sep 26, 2022
Pain free yet but extremely thorough

Katherine R. | Sep 23, 2022
Such wonderful care Irina, Dr. Lessne and the whole staff gives to me. They are so thoughtful!

Ken C. | Sep 22, 2022
Warm and efficient staff that works like a team. Everything is explained thoroughly and kindly.

Ruth P. | Sep 22, 2022
Very thorough cleaning. Professional staff

Nancy W. | Sep 21, 2022
Exceptionality competent and personable.

Vincent M. | Sep 21, 2022
I’ve been going to Dr. Lessne for almost 20 years and have always had a good experience.

Laura B. | Sep 21, 2022
Irina is always so kind and gentle and I leave with the best-feeling mouth ever!

Anne R. | Sep 20, 2022
Always an excellent experience at Dr. Lessne's office! Everyone so pleasant and caring.

Nancy M. | Sep 17, 2022
Wonderful staff and professionals

Linda Y. | Sep 16, 2022
She was very gentle and thorough and she was very kind.

Teresa E. | Sep 15, 2022
I rea)ly appreciate irina.

Patricia S. | Sep 09, 2022
DR. Chaudhry is an excellent dentist and explains everything he needs to do. I highly recommend him.

Valerie B. | Sep 03, 2022
Hygienist really knew her stuff. She helped to diagnose my pain which was helpful for the dentist.

Douglas C. | Aug 29, 2022
A-1 GREAT job--Dr. Lessne and Kim, as always!!

John B. | Aug 23, 2022
The front office staff is friendly and efficient - even for a 7 am appointment! And Dr. Chandry has a great bed side manner - carefully explaining things and checking in on comfort while he’s working. Definitely 5 stars!

Katherine G. | Aug 22, 2022
Very good. Very professional. Hygienist very knowledgeable.

Keith R. | Aug 20, 2022
Excellent cleaning - my teeth are all shiny now.

Sharon L. | Aug 12, 2022
Always happy at this dentist office

Jacklyn S. | Aug 11, 2022
I was very pleased with my cleaning. The hygienist was very professional and did a good job. I would recommend her. Jim Lyons

James L. | Aug 10, 2022
Professional, friendly

Inge W. | Aug 10, 2022
Excellent job of taking annual X-rays and doing 6-month cleaning!

Susan L. | Aug 10, 2022
Dr Lessne is fantastic! He is so knowledgeable, gentle and accommodating. He is a truly amazing dentist.

Jennifer L. | Aug 06, 2022
Dr. Chandra provides everything in a nutshell! Outstanding service, excellent and outstanding dental care, humor, and reasonable prices. What more can you ask for

Karen B. | Aug 06, 2022
Appointment was on time, service was great. Fitting of new crown and adjustments very professional, as is entire staff.

Phillip S. | Aug 06, 2022
I had a great experience

Hae-Lee S. | Aug 06, 2022
Dr. Chaudry is a talented dentist with a caring demeanor. I always feel like I'm in good hands with him. Dr. Chaudry's assistant, Randolth, is also amazing. He is very kind and attentive. The office staff is always super helpful too.

Rebecca M. | Aug 03, 2022
Irina is always gentle, thorough and professional!

Gail C. | Aug 02, 2022

Thomas Jr. F. | Jul 30, 2022
Very caring & thorough

Robert A. | Jul 29, 2022
Dr. Chaudhry treated me very well explaining everything he was doing and concerned for my comfort. I highly recommend him.

Valerie B. | Jul 29, 2022
Very good experience. Very caring and concerned. Explained everything well.

Suellen G. | Jul 29, 2022
As always, Irina was both gentle and thorough. She is engaged in her work and is unfailingly pleasant.

Steve E. | Jul 28, 2022
We have been very pleased with the care at Dr. Lessne's dental practice for many years. Thank you.

Nancy B. | Jul 26, 2022
As pleasant as a dentist’s appointment can be.

Florence S. | Jul 26, 2022
professional and courteous.

Gregory L. | Jul 23, 2022
Maliza is awesome! I won’t book an appointment without her! Drs Lessne and Chaudhry are top notch! Great practice!

Sydney G. | Jul 22, 2022
Well done overall. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Joseph C. | Jul 22, 2022
Dr. Chaudhry is a very skilled dentist, who is concerned about patient comfort during procedures. He also provides detailed information on the best way to manage good dental health. I highly recommend him.

Dennis C. | Jul 20, 2022
Dr. Lessne and his staff are exceptional. My husband and I have had Dr. Lessne as our dentist for 14 years. The staff are all proficient and friendly. Dr. Lessne is personable and professional. He keeps up with the latest equipment and materials in his area of expertise. Who can ask for anything more from a family dentistry.

Lynne A. | Jul 14, 2022
I can't imagine going to a dentist other than Dr. Lessne. He and the staff at the office are top flight in every way. I have never had a bad experience as in my 30+ years as their patient. Great, great dentist and great, great office.

James M. | Jul 13, 2022

Steve P. | Jul 12, 2022
I thought I had a crack in my tooth that would necessitate extraction and was going to go straight to dental surgeon and get it pulled. But Ellie, Bill's trusted major domo, said let Bill take a look at it first. Sure enough, it wasn't a fracture and the tooth could be saved with a crown, which Bill proceeded to set the table for, all the while providing useful information about my situation, calming my original fears and doing what he always does: a great job.

Steve B. | Jul 12, 2022
everything went as expected

Katherine S. | Jun 30, 2022
Irenya is such a professional. I'm always in good hands with her - she explains everything and is very thorough.

Clarelynn H. | Jun 28, 2022

Johnathan F. | Jun 26, 2022
My hygienist was fast, kind, and attentive. Perhaps I would have appreciated a little less of the tool on my gums but much of what I felt was probably necessary. I am satisfied with the care I received. This is probably my third time seeing Dr. C and I really like his approach. The staff in this office are some of the best.

Ann B. | Jun 22, 2022

William B. | Jun 22, 2022
Staff and doctor were great, very professional as usual, and they always instill a sense of confidence in me. I'm very pleased with the services, fees and staff!

Karen B. | Jun 14, 2022
great experience getting a temporary tooth before my crown next week.

Nicole S. | Jun 08, 2022
Pleasant and efficient

Laura D. | Jun 04, 2022
The hygienist was very professional and conscientious in performing my gum deep cleaning.

Paul G. | Jun 03, 2022
Always a great job.

Kristin B. | Jun 03, 2022
Everything went well. Did not have to wait, cleaning done with care, x-ray explained, as well as future treatment. Everyone very kind and professional.

Kathryn Y. | Jun 01, 2022
went very well. She was very professional and friendly at the sane time.

Marybeth D. | May 26, 2022
Great job. My hygienist was very friendly and professional. Made me feel at ease.She explained my X-ray and conveyed my questions to the Doctor.

Frank A. | May 19, 2022
Wonderful, competent hygienist, remembers her patients and is very good at her job.

Elizabeth K. | May 14, 2022
Super nice and great job!

Kerry E. | May 13, 2022
Excellent job.

Ronald W. | May 10, 2022
Dr Lessne and his staff are fantastic. I’ve been a client for 25 years

Melissa I. | May 06, 2022
Great job! Very professional.

Joseph E. | May 05, 2022
Cleaning visit was efficient and pleasant but also informative. Easily answering any questions

Judy K. | May 05, 2022
Irina is the best! I’ve gone to her for over a decade and would never go to anyone else!

David F. | May 03, 2022
Great service!

Karen B. | Apr 29, 2022
My hygienist was thorough but also very gentle. She listened carefully to my concern regarding postponing x-rays until my next visit.

Jill B. | Apr 27, 2022
Great cleaning experience, very thorough and professional

Paul P. | Apr 27, 2022

James C. | Apr 27, 2022
Very satisfied.

Bernadette B. | Apr 26, 2022
Dr Lessne and his staff thoroughly investigated the cause of a painful tooth, determined that no drastic measures were needed as the tooth and gum were healthy, and fixed the issue by adjusting my bite with a painless, quick, and comparatively inexpensive procedure. Throughout they listened to what I had to say about the issue with great kindness and caring, using my input to help inform their research and diagnosis.

Susan L. | Apr 20, 2022
As always, excellent and informative service. Thank you.

Steven P. | Apr 20, 2022
Dr. Chowdry had a friendly manner. He quickly determined that I needed to see a specialist and referred me to one that I had great confidence in. He was able to have me seen that morning. Great service!

Douglas C. | Apr 16, 2022
Dr. Lessne is always so personal and fun to visit ..the Tech assistant Randy is a kind and caring person

Ping H. | Apr 15, 2022
Always great!

Deon S. | Apr 15, 2022
Dr. Chaudhry is precise, gentle, a strong communicator, and has a terrific chair side manor that puts me at ease. Great dentist.

Douglas H. | Mar 30, 2022
Quick and easy! I was in and out in about 20 minutes for a cavity fix. It was superficial and they were able to do it with minimal pain! I e greatly enjoyed visiting this dentist office over the last few years!

Stephen R. | Mar 29, 2022
Patients are treated with great care and sensitivity -from the front desk to the procedure itself. Would definitely recommend to others.

Vincent M. | Mar 17, 2022
I've been a patient here for over 30 years! It is the detal practice for my entire family. I highly recommend everyone in this practice.

L S. | Mar 14, 2022
I’ve been going to Dr Lessne for over a decade. He is a terrific dentist and such a nice person. The hygienists are consistently great.

Judy P. | Mar 12, 2022
He is knowledgable, gives excellent advise and command a good demeanour.

Kamel E. | Mar 09, 2022
Dr Chaudhry has the most gentle hands!

Helen V. | Mar 03, 2022
My Hygienist was wonderful as always!

Magin U. | Mar 02, 2022

Thomas C. | Mar 01, 2022
Great practice. My whole family loves our dentist.

Stella B. | Feb 23, 2022
Great dental hygienist today

Nicole S. | Feb 23, 2022
Staff are wonderfully helpful, caring and always pleasant to talk to.

Cathy B. | Feb 17, 2022
Very pleasant. Does a complete and gentile cleaning.

Kathleen P. | Feb 16, 2022
It is a nice to come back from a vacation and thef friendly people

Lubin R. | Feb 14, 2022
Very thorough explanation of treatment, friendly and efficient

Patricia C. | Feb 14, 2022
Outstanding care, as always. I appreciate the staff sharing how I can improve my care at home.

Adam H. | Feb 12, 2022
Very pleasant and professional service. Good explanations of each step in the cleaning procedures

Kenneth B. | Feb 10, 2022
Efficient intake. Careful attention from Irinka ( I hope I spelled her name correctly. Perhaps someone can look at my chart and confirm/correct) As always, Dr Lessne communicated well as he worked through the exam. Also, I akways feel when he asks about my family, he really cares.

Martha F. | Feb 09, 2022
Very professional and thorough but also very friendly.

Sara T. | Feb 09, 2022
Everyone is very professional and excellent at what they do. I have been a patient at this dental practice for 10+ years.

Mitchell S. | Feb 09, 2022
Another most excellent visit. Of special note is getting an appointment for a troubling tooth within hours of my call. And the staff is outstanding, as always especially taking care to explain the problem and the options to fix.

Peter M. | Feb 09, 2022
Melizza did a very through job cleaning my teeth. She was pleasant and professional as always. She was pleased to be able to use a new X-ray technique/equipment that was much more comfortable for my small mouth. Dr. Less ne is an amazing dentist. He is compassionate, and so skilled that dental work never hurts!! I have been a patient for at least 25 years.

Judith T. | Feb 09, 2022
Very quick in and out. Great service. Excellent communication, minimal pain during the cleaning.

Jesse P. | Feb 08, 2022

Stacy M. | Feb 05, 2022
Painless & Professional

William L. | Feb 04, 2022
Dr. Chaundry is caring and helpful, and the staff are friendly

Jennifer L. | Feb 03, 2022
I felt safe, cared for, not judged.. it was the best experience I’ve had in a very long time. Thank You

Stephanye G. | Feb 02, 2022
Always a positive experience at this dental office.

Lisa H. | Feb 01, 2022
Dr. Bilal Chaudhry did amazing works. He always make sure that you’re comfortable. I always recommended him to any of my friend who looking for dentists.

Andriana W. | Feb 01, 2022
Highly recommend!

Lawrence M. | Jan 27, 2022
Dr. Chaudhry is a talented and caring dentist. He carefully explains his proposed treatment plan and has a gentle touch.

Cheryl B. | Jan 24, 2022
"This is an excellent dentist office. The staff is extremely friendly and the facility is very clean/sterile."

Scotty S.
"Dr. William Lessne,DDS is one of the best Dentist in that PRACTICE. Dr. Lessne is sucha kind and considerate Dentist."

Erica J.
"Dr. Lessne is great dentist! He did a lot of work on my teeth including crowns, fillings. Great assistants! Best equipment."

Olga M.
"Office staff is always friendly and helpful, wait time is consistently at a minimum, and treatments are done in a sensitive, safe, and time-efficient manner."

John W.
"Always have a great experience when coming here. Dr. Chaudhry does a great job and is easy to work with. Front desk is great as well!"

Doug N.
Irina was gentle, as she cleaned my teeth, and she addressed all my questions, and was polite and responsive to my requests.

Linda M. | Jul 18, 2024
Saw me for toothache quickly, excellent advice and referral.

Judith M. | Jul 16, 2024
Irina was terrific as always

Michael M. | Jul 15, 2024
Great Dentist, would recommend and have been going for over 10 years.

Jeffrey A. | Jul 13, 2024
Professional as always

James H. | Jul 09, 2024
Meliza is always careful, thorough, and considerate

Michael C. | Jul 05, 2024